Video: The degree to which tics are involuntary

This forum is here to discuss Tourette's Disorder and different ways of coping with it.
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Disabilities: Neurologically dodgy!

Tourette syndrome with other general neurological abnormalities, including:
CAPD traits
Mild Asperger syndrome traits/NVLD/social-emotional processing difficulties/dyssemia
Tactile issues
Irritability (used to have rages)
Absent mindedness manifesting itself as short term/working memory problems
Organisational problems
Possible Harry Benjamin syndrome/dysmorphia
Synesthesia (associated type)?

All very mild though - just some dodgy circuitry!
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Video: The degree to which tics are involuntary

Postby Greyhound » Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:54 am

Some people have asked me why some tics can be held back while others can't. Here is an explanation of the degree to which tics are involuntary. It also explains why some people say their tics are completely involuntary and uncontrollable while other people say they are more like compulsions and that they can hide them.

When I talk about the involuntary sensations, these are what are known as 'sensory tics' and 'premonitory urges'.

Neurologically dodgy!

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