I need a but of support for this

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I need a but of support for this

Postby Misayu » Sat Nov 22, 2008 12:48 pm

It's not like disabling because as you know I have severe anxiety/social phobia and borderline depression but lately I've been feeling kind of down. It's just that I've noticed how I don't feel like doing any of my favorite things. I just want to curl underneath my favorite blanket and cuddle my Inuyasha plushie. I've always tried to find out what it is that is targeting all of it but...I don't come up with anything. I notice that since I've moved here to Arizona, I've become more depressive. I used to live in Maine and I was born and raised their until 14. I'm 20 now. Its even harder during the winter when there isnt any snow. It makes me depressed because I just want snow for christmas, to play and have fun in all day. Though, I live in a part of arizona where it never snows. D:

It's not just that but like I said, its just the feeling that nothing is making me happy anymore and I'm always making hard desicions with myself and its so bad that I have arguments with myself where I want to do something and my mind objects to it. With that, its also what I said above, that I feel so depressed that sometimes I want to crawl under my favorite blanket and sulk...for no reason.

I'm not sure what to do and I have no insurance at the moment to cover for any counseling or therapy. My dad has too high of income and it makes it harder for us get me any support for even my disabilities. I can't work because of social phobia and because I'm what you would call...helpless. D: I just have such a bad learning disability that I learn things at terribly slow. That's why I get SSI Benefits but my parents use it to pay my bills and buy food and other nessecities.

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Re: I need a but of support for this

Postby alin0s » Sun Nov 23, 2008 1:25 am

Have you considered working from home an online job. Most banks offer jobs in telebanking and or online account management.

Also if your state has a Department Of Vocationa Rehabilitation (DVR) and Department Of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) and or a Department Of Human Services (DHS) They may be able to help you. DVR DRS and DHS usually are not income restricted, they are usually assessed by your need.
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Re: I need a but of support for this

Postby Candice » Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:42 am

Your parents should help you out a bit and pay for counselling or thearpy. That is a nessisity for your mental health.

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