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i have had several eeg over the years

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 6:12 am
by Candice
and the neurologist says there isnt any indications of epilepsy but I am sure I can have complex partial seizures. I told the Psychiatrist I want an MRI scan because when I was in prison the psych was sending me for one but then I left.
He said 'no' the neurologist doesnt think you need one other wise he would have written that and i said 'but i could have brain cysts. You don't know.' He didnt agree.
Like they have made set what my so called mental disorders are but you know they say to me, 'yourve got a bit of everything' and that 'I am an enigma'
Therefore I think it important that I should have an MRI.
I noticed a small bump on my head what happened along time ago from being kicked or something.
I told my GP that and wont send me for one either.
I fell on top of my head when i was kid and got long standing concussion. There have been times i have lost consciousness. I have also had some kind of seizures so I think given all of this plus the variable diagnosis Ive been given and it is ridiculous. The doctors dont what they are talking about.
They should send me for an MRI or I think that is what it is called.
I use to take 10 tablets and more day when I was 14 and 15 for epilepsy and then they say now I dont have epilepsy. That medication use to knock me out. I have had enough! I just want an MRI and then to know there is nothing wrong with my brain i will be happy because I am just sick of labels and it isnt a diagnosis that they make - it is nothing more than their individual and 'more often than not' personal and NOT a 'professional' opinion because they get lazy and kind of arrogant. They do think they know everything or act like it especailly if they have had the experience.
It gets on my nerves. I am a very complexed person and they are not so smart to make a diagnose as quick. Especially when they hardly even know me!

Re: i have had several eeg over the years

Posted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 1:18 am
by alin0s
You should fire all of your doctors and get new ones. A doctor should order you an MRI without a sweat, it is a harmless test using a giant magnet, unlike X-Ray which should be controlled to a slight extent to keep your radiation limited. But MRI, my doctor hands MRI orders out like candy!

Re: i have had several eeg over the years

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:51 am
by Candice
I tell my case manager then that I don't like that psychaitrist and I want a other one.
They did send me for a CT scan but it didnt work properly cause they couldnt the vein.
I have had one years ago and it didnt show nothing abnormal but MRI are much more clearer or detailed I have been told.