is aspergers a disability at all?

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Re: is aspergers a disability at all?

Postby RCM » Thu Jul 31, 2008 9:07 pm

Alaspi wrote:i think sometimes my AS is more of a disadvantage than a disability. meaning, i have never had a real out-in-the-real-world job beacause of AS. people won't hire me because i am obviously different from their normal line selection. interviews never show my best side. it's not that i couldn't do well, i am actually a very hard and dedicated worker. i think it's just that employers don't want to have to deal with my differences. i call it discrimination = total disadvantage. it's not that i can't succeed, it's that i am never given the chance to succeed.

They can't do that to you! They need to hire you or you could easily report them to the ADA!! That's what I would do..but remember, I'm NOT responsible for you taking my advice and something going wrong...

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Re: is aspergers a disability at all?

Postby Sartresue » Fri Aug 22, 2008 4:03 pm

DIF-Ability topic

I like to think of it as a difference in thinking and cognition. Because I am non-social, unitasking only and very honest, this can impact on employment.These differences are not valuable to employers. If I had a hard skill like computer programming, then this would be an asset. I can use computers, but so can almost every other NT. Soft skills are what many jobs are all about. :evil:

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Re: is aspergers a disability at all?

Postby pakrat » Sat Oct 11, 2008 4:44 am

SidTheLoveRat wrote:In Canada, it's considered a disability. I'm also collecting a disability pension, due to the fact that I also deal with Depression, which happens to be more of a disability for me, than my AS.
That's true of me too - the depression is far worse to deal with than the Asperger's itself. I have a job but was very lucky in getting it and keeping it. If I lose this job, I've been told I would probably qualify for a disability pension as the social difficulties I have make the whole process of applying for a job very problematical. So, I do think it is a disability but the amount it disables any given person with the condition varies a lot.

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Re: is aspergers a disability at all?

Postby Misayu » Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:15 pm

I have borderline to mild autism but its not as bad as it should be, it just seems worse because I also have social phobia/severe anxiety, ADHD and a slow learning disability, plus I believe I might a mild sensory integration disorder and a mild auditory processing disorder.

Sometimes life with disabilities is tough though, especially when alot of people don't understand there are some things you can't do. They always push you to do them and only make things harder for you if you still can't. I've had that problem my whole life and its can be very difficult for me.

I also think about some of the things that I am able to do with my disabilities. Alot of the times, I am able to get out of doing things because of them when I tell people I am disabled. I don't use it as an excuse or anything but if I know that I am about to do something that will cause me a huge melt down, I usually tell the person that I can't with because of my disabilities.

There are times when I wonder what I would be like if I wasn't disabled, its actually a scary thought because its gotten to the point where my disabilities are all apart of my personality. That's also why I don't believe in having a cure for autism because its not a disorder that is causing any damage and as long as we have enough love and support, we are able to do what we want. We just need the time and expectence to do so.

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Re: is aspergers a disability at all?

Postby Candice » Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:56 pm

My psychologist was reading to me out of the DSM or doctor book schizotpal personality because that is what she would think i had but i am not the psychaitrist diagnosed bpd and I don't think that is right because he has only meet me once. He has only my psych record and notes to look over. So what I am saying is that she read out under Schizotypical in the DSM that mild Aspergers and autism go along with it or that there are very similair traits or co existing. She said I am an enigma but and she believes I have a PD and thow in autism.
She has know me alot longer than the psychiatrist. She doesnt think I have Aspergers though just autism and i cant get away from PD diagnosis because the Forsenic psych said that, she strongly suspected and now the Psychiatrist has diagnosed as being Borderline personality disorder and i hate it. I'd rather be just Aspie anyday.
Like i said to my case manger Your saying there is something wrong with my personality and I dont like it. It offend me and then she'll go 'well this is what you have learnt' or we like to call them 'traits'. Last time i saw her I go i wanna be taken off case managment and 'you dont want to see me no more and I said I dont need to and then she explain all the difficulites like in the future. She just makes stuff up. She thinks i am an idiot. Last time i talked to her she goes and you can become psychotic too or along them lines and she wasnt acting so nice. People dont have no respect for people with mental illness. Not even my own mum has respect
She tries and I think just dont bother. This is crushing me and it isnt who I am
All I wanna be is an Aspie :( I just want to be an intelligent aspie and act sophisticated and wear glasses.
I wouldnt define Aspergers as a disbility in high functioning people. Like they are some of our most intelligent people in society. I guess it depends how severe you have other symptoms like anxiety and depression. You could have a gifted IQ but not be able to handle your anxiety and therefore never become as successful as you otherwise would have been. I have meet people with severe Aspergers and yes DEFINETLY they have a disability.

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