u are in therapy?

This forum is here to discuss sensory integration disorder and different ways of coping with it.
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Re: u are in therapy?

Postby alin0s » Mon Sep 22, 2008 2:24 pm

RCM wrote:But what does NOT exist is one that covers your entire body! From head to toe! that you can squeeze tightly to yourself if you wanted! :mrgreen:

I am working on making it exist.

See here,

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Re: u are in therapy?

Postby pakrat » Sat Oct 11, 2008 3:33 am

Didn't have any therapy as a child and nobody knew I had autism anyway. I've had various therapy in adulthood for depression and social anxiety but didn't find much of it effective as the therapists generally had no experience in dealing with aspies and some said really hurtful things so I never went back. I doubt I'd go to another psych therapist again but some of these physical therapies look promising. Looks as if the Dore programme went belly-up - it had a lot of physical therapies in it and was said to be helpful for various disabilities but it was very expensive.


Re: u are in therapy?

Postby Candice » Sat Nov 22, 2008 1:15 pm

No one knew there was nothing wrong with me when I was a child except i was like very quiet
and most people like children being quiet so i didnt have no assessments or thearpy.
Except when I was 14 and 15 drugged out with too many medications for epilepsy that proberly never had and had antidepressants from a psych but no thearpy. Some time from 16 to early 20's I had ADHD diagnosis and i think all the other times wasnt thearpy but court psych evalutions which they just put complex partial seizures or it was my personality or it was because I was on drugs or something.
Then at 25 I had CRS send me for a neuropsychologist evalution comes out learning disability permanent in nature and so they put me on the disability support pension and i joined job club that helps people with disabilities get work. I spent a short time in psych ward when I was 22. Then at 28 or maybe 29. A forsenic psychologist wrote a report under the Mental Illness Criminal Code (mental Impairment) Act that I have a multitude of psychiatric problems PTSD, personality dis etc etc and my culpability in relation to allegations has been significantly diminished by virtue of her condition.
It was no major crime. The police just thought I was a bit crazy. So legal aid hired a forsenic psych to do an assessment. He put in the report that whatever the outcome of her pending court case I require considerable support by way of structured supervision and treatment.
So ever since I have seeked out counselling, kind of. I see a clinical psychologist I really like and she did an assessment and believes I have autism that was just this year and then I get this schizophrenic diagnose and then Borderline Personality Disorder diagnose recently with adjustment disorder and decompensation or something, li think i can experience psychosis even though I do not have schizophrenia.
I have a high average IQ. An autism is mild, mild learning disability so everyhting is mild and that is my life story and yeah i see that psychologist at the 'Thearpy Clinic' so I must get thearpy. It hasnt been much consistent for awhile and she felt that she couldnt help me no more or the time I was being seen by mental health service or was in some kind of psychosis if you could call or was having delusions. I can see that now. I didnt tell anyone what I was thinking at that time. I thought everyone knew anyway and that it was real. It's only when I came out of it realising none of it was real. I have told a few close friends since and that it.
Just Please pleasssee say it is over. No more. I really want to get out of this and get a life.
I need a life get it back some how.
I need goals thats all. I can work towards. :D

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Re: u are in therapy?

Postby pigeon309 » Fri Oct 02, 2009 6:16 pm

I see a psychiatrist regularly to check up on how well my medicine's working. I've also recently started some occupational therapy, provided by school. (It's a special school that provides outreach and some kinds of therapy to certain students, depnding on needs.) I'm doing this Listening Program thing that's supposed to help with sensory integration,and starting from Tuesday, I'm going to learn to use the phone.
I'm abnormal, just like everyone else.


Re: u are in therapy?

Postby RCM » Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:15 pm

I'm in what you call relationship therapy.

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