Wrongfully banned from a forum?

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Wrongfully banned from a forum?

Postby DisabledAlice » Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:31 pm

Just today, I was on this forum for a game I loved more than anything. It is still in a closed beta which means I can't get access to it. So I go on the forums, hoping I can get some answer to maybe get into the game. The game has helped me socially and also built my communication skills. It was also a chance for me to experience the disney parks in my own home. The game was called OpenVMK.

So anyway, after a while, a mod came in and edited my post AFTER I explained my autism and other disabilities, how it helped me and how hard it was to really go to the real parks, considering my mom's health problems and my dad being physically disabled due to Tendinitis and Arthritis.

Anyway, not long after, they banned me! I mean you would think say a week ban, right? NO!!! They had me banned for August 24th 2013!!! With no specific reason to WHY I was banned. So I contact them, explaining my situation, that I was upset because I haven't played the game in a while and whatever... and Iw as sorry... so guess what ELSE they do?

Instead of hearing me out, they forbid my from the forums... and I mean everytime I access the forums I get a 404 error but my friends see the forums fine when I showed them the link to see if they could.

I mean is it me or is this a ban that was over the top? I mean I know a rule was broken and that I shouldn't have posted all that information but to do all that in one day when Iw as only trying to get understood?! It nearly brought me to tears!! I couldn't believe they had gone that far. I feel like it puts a threat to my condition because they could have been a little understanding and given a warning... am I wrong?

I just feel I was wrongfully banned... I cried for an hour after it happened too... :cry:

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Re: Wrongfully banned from a forum?

Postby alin0s » Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:43 pm

never worry aobut that here. sorry about your bad experience i think they really overstepped
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Re: Wrongfully banned from a forum?

Postby makuranososhi » Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:57 am

Banning someone for two years for posting about themselves, even in excessive detail (not saying that was the case, but for the sake of argument), is extreme and uncalled for; a lack of response is even more galling. However, I've had my own experience in that department, and I can say that little can be done to make someone see your perspective or act in an appropriate manner. Are their alternative methods via which you could find the same connection or rebuild a connection to the game?

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