Meds, supps etc.

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Disabilities: Neurologically dodgy!

Tourette syndrome with other general neurological abnormalities, including:
CAPD traits
Mild Asperger syndrome traits/NVLD/social-emotional processing difficulties/dyssemia
Tactile issues
Irritability (used to have rages)
Absent mindedness manifesting itself as short term/working memory problems
Organisational problems
Possible Harry Benjamin syndrome/dysmorphia
Synesthesia (associated type)?

All very mild though - just some dodgy circuitry!
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Meds, supps etc.

Postby Greyhound » Sat Jul 26, 2008 11:32 am

So, what medications, supplements etc. is everyone on?

I find Bontech ts-PLUS CONTROL supplements (not sure if I'm allowed to post a link) along with a few others help with irritability, tics, tactile sensitivity and mental processes to varying degrees.

I'm currently taking (I occasionally change it around a bit):

Bontech ts-PLUS CONTROL 3 capsules
magnesium malate 1000mg giving 150mg magnesium
NOW Foods Candida Clear 2 capsules
NOW Foods Grapeseed giving 100mg grape seed extract 320mg vitamin C, 36mg calcium
St. John's Wort 100mg

Bontech ts-PLUS CONTROL 3 capsules
magnesium malate 1000mg giving 150mg magnesium
St. John's Wort 100mg

Bontech ts-PLUS CONTROL 2 capsules
magnesium malate 1000mg giving 150mg magnesium
zinc picolinate 22mg
Solgar Advanced Acidophilus Plus 1 capsule

I was taking 2 capsules Seven Seas fish oil per day along with chlorella 3120mg to absorb heavy metals if any were present in the fish oil (fish oil often contains impurities). With the magnesium, the citrate form seemed to work better, but it had a laxitive effect, so I switched to malate.

Anyway, all in all, they work reasonably well, but they're expensive.

So, what medications, supplements etc. is everyone on, and more importantly, do they work?
Neurologically dodgy!

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Re: Meds, supps etc.

Postby alin0s » Sat Jul 26, 2008 12:12 pm

I do not take ANY supplements. They do work but my doctor no longer recommends I take anything unless it is absolutely medically necessary. My body reacts badly to most drugs.

All I am on is

Twice daily - Baclofen (muscle relaxant)
Once daily at night - Miralax (stool softener)
painkiller patch (change every 3 days)

That Baclofen is about to go internal in an implanted infusion pump that will send it directly to my spinal cord.

I might be getting stuff added soon, probably more painkillers.
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Re: Meds, supps etc.

Postby deathchibi » Mon Jul 28, 2008 2:56 am

fish oil,
vitamin tablets,
pain killers.

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